Take a moment to consider this

What are you doing at this moment? Are you reading this text sitting down? There is a big chance you are! On average we spend 8 to 11 hours a day sitting down. First driving the car to work, followed by sitting at the office desk, at night eating dinner sitting down and finally sitting down to watch some TV.

This sitting culture present in modern day society accompanies many health risks. It increases the chance of premature death and increases the chance of developing, among other, diabetes, vascular- and coronary diseases and cancer. Furthermore, prolonged sitting is related to causing stress and depressions.

“Sitting wrecks your body!”

More information regarding the science related to prolonged sitting is available at the site of the Kenniscentrum Sport.

Working in a standing position: energetic & efficient

Meetings. The average person in a meeting takes place in a comfortable office chair and stays in this seat for an hour or two. Considering the health risks alone, it is understandable that these types of meetings are a decreasing phenomenon in this world. More and more companies choose for alternative, stand-Up meetings. This does not only provide health benefits but also drastically increases the efficiency of the meeting.

“Did you know that stand-Up meetings elapse approximately 34% faster?”

Source: The effects of Stand-Up and StandDown meetings Formats on Meeting Outcomes 

The office environment displays a similar tendency to choose dynamic working places with height- adjustable desks. This allows employers to spend a substantial amount of their workday standing behind their desk.

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