Stand4Work Stastoel®

The Stand4Work Stastoel® provides a comfortable support system for the back, ensuring an ergonomic and active working posture. This allows you to maintain a stand-Up working posture for a prolonged period of time while decreasing the risk of back issues.

The weight of the user on the StaStoel® stimulates stability and prevents the chair from falling over. The comfortable back support is simple and easily adjustable by an elastic band and double rolling bars at the back side of the chair. In addition, the StaStoel® is equipped with two casters attached to the bottom for easy mobility and can also be stacked when stored.


Frame: Metal
Baseplate: Multiplex with non-skid cover
Back support: Artificial leather coating
Wheels: Plastic
Fresialaan 11
6851 TH Huissen
Phone: +31 26 4436440